WEGD 2020

About Us

The Web and Graphic Design program has brought us closer. We’ve created a comfortable environment where we can share our art and passion, and expand our horizons. Together we have learned colour theory, 3D printing, animation, typography, Photoshop, art history, web design, and more. We have pushed each other to become our best selves so we can forge new paths. Each of us have developed special skills that all deserve to be shown off.

The Program

The CNC Web and Graphic Design program takes creativity to the next level. This program teaches students how to design and communicate with artistic skills. Students are given the opportunity to learn about the software programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as a variety of others, such as Unity and Fusion 360. Web and Graphic Design offers limitless possibilities for your future, and allows you to discover a career path.


Our Coordinators

Peter Maides

Peter Maides began his education at the College of New Caledonia, gaining a two-year University Transfer Diploma, before heading to the University of Victoria. He attained a Bachelor of Arts Degree [first class] in English and History before completing a Master’s of Arts Degree in English. While working at CNC, Peter attended courses at the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University to learn about the world of web and graphic design.


The Web and Graphic Design program allows Peter to explore his interests in creative explorations, typography, colour theory, and socially-conscious design. As well as Graphic Design, Peter teaches English and Film Studies. When not at CNC, he spends a lot of time spoiling his Jack Russell Terrier, Dziga.

A grinning Peter (left) and Sean (right).

Sean Siddals

Sean Siddals attended CNC in the mid 2000s where he studied Writing and New Media Technologies. Shortly afterwards, he started his career as an Educational Technology Assistant supporting college faculty with teaching and learning. To round out his education, Sean went on to earn a Master of Education in Arts Education from SFU.


Then as now, Sean has always been keen to explore the intersection between technology and creativity. Being able to do this for a living and share his findings with his students is a dream come true. Particular areas of interest include the world wide web, interactive digital media, computer hardware (PC building) and audio/video. He is also rather fond of his three cats and his Cocker Spaniel/Pug cross Gus.

Sean and Peter ensure that Dziga gets all the affection he deserves.

A special thanks to Sean and Peter for being the foundation of our program and pushing us to do our best.